Part of a whole

The best way to look after yourself is to look after your environment.
By that, I don’t mean the physical environment, but the people and the culture that you surround yourself with.

If everyone around you sees learning and self-improvement to be important, if they aspire to be kind, take responsibility for what needs to be done and are willing to put themselves aside to help others, then you too will naturally make progress in these areas.

These qualities are what will make your community flourish, which in turn will help you to fulfil your potential. To develop such a culture requires each of the community’s members to act conscientiously and to see the other members as like their family and the place where they live together as the family home.

So by caring for the people around you with affection, and by dedicating yourself to continuous learning and development, you will be making an important contribution to the environment and those around you, which is the best way to look after yourself and your own interests.

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