Lhawang Drakpa

Chöku Lhawang Dragpa was born in Tö, Western Tibet. At first he was trained in the Upper Drukpa Kagyu tradition as well as in the Oral Tradition of Rechungpa. He also received the teachings of the Nyingma school. Not long after having met Jetsun Kunga Drolchok he became his attendant. Through his master’s great kindness, he received the full transmissions and teachings of the Jonang, Sakya and Shangpa Kagyu traditions, the latter being the teachings that were closest to his heart. Putting these teachings into practice, he truly mastered them. Experiences and realisations were overflowing from within, and he brought the practice of the channels and subtle energies to its fullest fruition.
He attained the deathless vajra body and lived for more than one hundred and twenty years. Many students from the different traditions of Sakya, Kagyu, Jonang and Shangpa came to study under him. Having chosen the All-Knowing Jetsun Jonang Taranatha to be the next holder of the Shangpa Lineage, he passed on the Shangpa tradition in its entirety to him and invested him with the responsibility of its continuation. Shortly after this, he passed away into other realms. The majority of his precious remains were enshrined in a golden stupa in Dragtö, called Tashi Öbar.
It is said that for as long as it remains as a support for the offerings of beings, it will be a cause for their rebirth in the pure realms.​​​​