Khyungpo Tsultrim Gon

Khyungpo Tsultrim Gon was born in the female firebird year as the first born child of father Ponpo Gon and mother Chemo Kinden. Being the first born, his parents expected him to become the future head of their household and his younger brother to become a monk. In order to be able to pursue the Dharma, Tsultrim Gon escaped from his home, taking the supplies that were meant for his brother. Tsultrim Gon met Lama Shangtönpa who became his spiritual guide and gave him the name Khyungpo Tsultrim Gon. He granted him the empowerments of the Six Yogas of Niguma and the complete instructions for each of the Six Yogas and many other teachings. Tsultrim Gon took his monastic vows from the abbot Gendun Gyamtso of Jonang. He went to meet the Third Karmapa, the Lord Rangjung Dorje at Tsurphu. Later, he also met the Fourth Karmapa Rölpe Dorje from whom he received empowerments and numerous teachings. Tsultrim Gon then took full ordination from Lama Zhönnu Changchub. He remained in the area of Upper Shang for twenty five years, meditating and giving instructions to his disciples and to people who were suffering from various diseases and demons. During that time he had many great visions of his lamas and deities. Upon passing away in the Tiger Year, a rain of flowers fell and rainbows filled and illuminated the sky. From the blazing flames of his funeral pyre, the sound of Korlo Demchok’s mantra could be heard. When his cremation shrine was opened, many sacred relics were discovered and distributed amongst his disciples.