Mochokpa was born in 1110 in Lhabu in the Shang Valley of Namling, West Tibet. From a young age, he focussed his energy on the study of a great variety of texts, including the Prajnaparamita. Feeling great devotion to his Lama, Burgom Nagpo, a disciple of lord Rechungpa, he spent five years at his feet, receiving both maturing and liberating teachings. When he met Khyungpo Naljor at the age of sixteen, he became his disciple and attended him until he was twenty one. One day, Amitabha Buddha appeared to Khyungpo Naljor in a dream making it clear to him that Mochokpa was the one destined to be the next Shangpa Lineage Holder. This led the Master to bestow the entire Shangpa transmission upon his worthy disciple. In accordance with the Great Yogini Niguma’s wishes, Mochokpa was the only one to receive the Six Yogas of Niguma.

At the age of twenty six, Mochokpa returned to his Lama, and stayed inseparable from him for the remainder of Khyungpo Naljor’s life. One and a half years later, Khyungpo Naljor exhibited the display of leaving his mortal body behind. Filled with deep renunciation, Mochokpa retreated into the mountains where he remained in solitude for two years. Proving himself to be a worthy disciple (just as his Lama had dreamt), Mochokpa developed experiences and showed the signs of realisation of the Illusory Body, Dream Yoga and Clear Light practices. Further good fortune led him to meet Gampopa, who clarified any remaining doubts in his practice. He received all the Mahamudra teachings and instructions from Gampopa, and brought these too to fruition. For twelve years, Mochokpa meditated in a mountain cave in the Mochok area, mainly concentrating on the practice of The Combined Practice of Four Deities. Towards the end of his life, he prophesised that he would attain enlightenment and turn the wheel of Dharma in The Eastern Pure Land of Joy, called Brilliant Light. He predicted the continuation of the Shangpa lineage through the great Wonton Khyergangpa, an emanation of Avalokiteshvara, who in turn would have a disciple of great renown, Sangye Nyentön Rigongpa. Rigongpa’s disciple would uphold the transmission and protect the lineage.

In 1170, at the age of sixty, Mochokpa passed into Paranirvana.