Meditation Suicide

If you are serious about learning mahamudra or dzogchen and you think you will have the opportunity to receive such authentic meditation instructions from a qualified lama, you should avoid reading any books or texts on these topics beforehand. To do so would be to commit meditation suicide.
The vocabulary from such books that will fill your head – ‘clarity’ ‘emptiness’ ‘spaciousness’ ‘peace’ ‘bliss’ ‘space-like’ etc – will be the very thing that stops you from understanding true meditation.
The texts were composed to be taught by a lama or as reminders for those who have already recognised the nature of mind.
I suppose there’s little harm in reading these texts if you know you will never in this life have the chance for one-to-one authentic instruction from a lama who can nurture students in these practices, and the words of the texts are the closest you will ever get to these teachings. Obviously there is no way that you will understand meditation from reading about it, but interacting with the texts might establish a connection with the teachings for future lives.
I know most of you will ignore me, and whether you read this type of text or not is your business, but from my side I have a responsibility to point out the dangers and pitfalls on the path.

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