The Liberation Stories of the Kagyu Masters – Day 10

When we hear that Tilopa received teaching directly from Vajradhara, it is difficult to understand. We think the three kayas of a buddha are different buddhas, teaching in different places at different times. But in reality it is not like this, it is simultaneous. What we perceive depends on our level, our perception.
Those with the highest faculties experience Vajradhara, the enjoyment body (sambhogakaya) buddha and receive the resultant vehicle teachings of the secret mantra. Those of middling and lesser faculties perceive the emanation body (nirmanakaya) buddha, and receive the causal teachings of the general vehicle. It’s like when some students receive the same teachings from the same lama at the same time, some gain a bit of understanding, others may become adepts, while some may develop a wrong view. It all comes down to the individual and the way they see things.

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