Life is practice

A big misunderstanding that many of us have is that we think daily life and practice are separate. For us, practice means to put aside all activities and sit with straight backs, reciting mantras or meditating; as if there is something called practice that is separate from everything else we do.


For people who understand Dharma, life is practice – everything they do in life is practice, what’s more, everything they do brings benefit for themselves and others. For example, no matter what you are doing – moving about, talking, eating, sleeping and so on, you can try to make it a virtuous act. Giving up non-virtue and taking up virtue is to make sure you don’t do anything out of anger or desire, but with a caring mind; this is something you can practice 24 hours a day. Dharma is all about not harming others, and trying to help others.


So the actual practice, or implementation of Dharma, is done in our daily life, not just on the cushion.

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