The Two Things I Fear

I only fear two things, I am scared of my lamas because they have been so good to me. They have helped me with my way of thinking so that now I know I won’t be overwhelmed by the hardships of this life, even if I do hit hard times I do not dwell on things and this is due to the kindness of my lamas. So if I were to do something to disappoint my lamas that would make me a very poor student, and that scares me.

I am also scared of the law of causality, because the law of karma, cause and effect is unfailing. If you are are hit on the head with a stick it’s going to hurt, if you jump into a fire you’re going to get burnt, these are unfailing facts. This principle of causality will never let you down, so I fully believe if I do something wrong I will suffer from it, and if I do something good then something good will come from it.

Apart from these two I’m not scared of anything else and it’s because of this that I’m able to speak forthrightly.

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