The Cushion Is Our Training Ground

In meditation the direction we are moving towards is that of non-doing. We already have so much that we need to do in our lives, and if meditation is seen as being something else that we must do, it becomes just another task to add to our to-do list. It will become a burden, a chore.

The more you habituate yourself to non-doing the weaker your general clinging and reifying mind become, and as you become more adept at non-doing, other things you do can be done in a non-doing style. Things like walking, talking, standing, sitting can be meditation too.

We can see that it has to be this way, because did Buddha eat food? Yes. Did he talk? Yes. So what makes Buddhas different from us then? It is the way we do or not do, the way we cling or not cling, to the things and activities of our lives.

The cushion is the training ground for training in non-doing and non-clinging, and this must eventually be brought into real life situations.

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