Dharma-Drugs – Just Say No

The worst thing you can do in meditation is to hanker after feelings of peace and bliss.

Expectations are always followed by disappointments.

Feelings of peace, bliss and deep well-being do not come to us very easily (and they’re not all that much use to us anyway.) But if you do get a taste, a hit, and then are constantly waiting on your cushion for that special feeling to come again, you’ll become frustrated and soon fall out of love with meditation.

Normal people are foolish to take drugs; dharma people are foolish to get addicted to meditation induced states that bind them within cyclic existence.

The Buddhist meditation manuals explain very clearly how meditation can bring states of bliss, clarity and non-thought. But those who crave and cling to bliss are reborn in the desire realm; those who cling to clarity are born in the form realm; and those who cling to non-thought are born in the formless realm. In other words, their meditation does not free them from the miserable cycles of existence. So these states or feelings are nothing to get excited about.

We need to face and accept all our messy thoughts; these are the reality for us. So don’t keep trying to escape to beguiling states of non-thought and bliss.

As long as there is mind there is thoughts. Thinking is the very function of mind. If you really want to attain non-thought, eat a high cholesterol diet and wait for the day when a tube in your brain gets blocked and you are left in a vegetative state. Then you will be free from thoughts for a while.

Even the Buddha had to think, he couldn’t have taught otherwise.

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