Buddha is not outside of your mind

Most beginners see the three jewels as an outer object, as something separate from ‘me’. This is the beginner’s view, and it will not lead us to Liberation. The basic Buddhist view is that the Three Jewels are not something that truly exists externally.

Buddha, Sang-Gye in Tibetan, shows us, or demonstrates to us our own mind, and nothing else. The first syllable Sang refers to the eradication of the afflictions; and afflictions are mind, not something external. If we come to know a little about our own desire, maybe we could be considered a mini-Buddha! Recognising something of the afflictions is the first step for becoming a Buddha. The second syllable Gye means stabilising the positive qualities which are the opposite of the afflictions.

If we are seeing Buddha as something external, it can’t give us refuge. So when we are taking refuge in the three jewels, what we need to be thinking about is our own mind.

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