First Instruction

9 February 2020, instructions given in the first practice session of the new six-year retreat cycle at Thrangu Sekhar Retreat Center, Nepal

If we totally exhaust ourselves during prostrations, pushing ourselves against our will, our mind will resist what we are doing; we’ll get fed up and become averse to doing prostrations. We shouldn’t do that. If that happens, there’s no merit in what we are doing. Our body will be going through the motions and we […]

It’s There in the Name – The ‘Preliminaries’ Must Come First

2015 Hwayue Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan

Buddhism encourages us to examine our life and situation carefully so that we can see things as they are. When we see the nature of our cyclic existence, we see that it is characterised by suffering and dissatisfaction, and we begin to long for freedom and the peace of transcendence. This insight and subsequent feeling […]

A Study of Your Own Heart

Namo Buddha Seminar, Nepal, 14 April 2019

We are not learning something new when we study the dharma. We tend to study the dharma in the same way that we learn a new language – but that is not right. In the study of dharma we are trying to recognise the desire that we have – desire is not new to us, […]

Off to the Mountains

Thrangu Sekhar Retreat Centre, Nepal, 12 December 2019

We often see new Buddhists, or old Buddhists who have not studied much dharma, getting ahead of themselves and making plans to run off to the mountains. This shows a lack of understanding and experience of dharma. In order to practise alone in solitude, and to be able to practice properly, we must have first […]

The lama-student relationship and money

Kagyu Samye Ling, Scotland, 12 October 2017

Money becomes a real obstacle in forming a true lama-student relationship. So if it’s real dharma you want, if it’s a real lama-student relationship you want, then this is something you should keep in mind. For example, if you see me to be a lama of yours, and you genuinely wish to rely on and […]

Question from a young chap to Rinpoche

Transcript of a conversation between Drupon Khen Rinpoche and Owen, Johannesburg, South Africa, October 2019

After yesterday afternoon’s teaching here in Johannesburg, Drupon Khen Rinpoche was on his way to meet someone when a young chap called Owen wished to ask him a question. Since we were already running late we arranged for him to see Rinpoche today. Rinpoche very much appreciated Owen’s questions and asked him if it would […]

Dharma-Drugs – Just Say No

Teaching on the fourth day (19 Oct) of the one-week meditation retreat with Hwayue Foundation, 2019

The worst thing you can do in meditation is to hanker after feelings of peace and bliss. Expectations are always followed by disappointments. Feelings of peace, bliss and deep well-being do not come to us very easily (and they’re not all that much use to us anyway.) But if you do get a taste, a […]

The Cushion Is Our Training Ground

Teaching on the third day (18 Oct) of the one-week meditation retreat with Hwayue Foundation, 2019

In meditation the direction we are moving towards is that of non-doing. We already have so much that we need to do in our lives, and if meditation is seen as being something else that we must do, it becomes just another task to add to our to-do list. It will become a burden, a […]

Use the texts like you use a mirror

Second day of teachings at the one-week retreat hosted by the Hwayue Foundation, Taiwan, 2019

When reading or listening to a teaching do not focus on the words; focus on your own mind. The words are like a mirror through which you can see your own anger, desire, etc. The texts do not have anger and the other afflictions, but they can help you see your own if you use […]