Don’t Be Weird

Don’t think it doesn’t matter what people think about you. It makes a big difference to them and to you.
If you do or say something that causes someone to have negative thoughts, that is bad for them and since you were the cause of that, it is bad for you. Every action brings a corresponding result.

This is something to be especially careful of if you are a Buddhist. A single thing you do or say could cause someone to have a negative impression of the Buddha’s teachings, or could cause someone to give up any idea of attending teachings or meditating. And for a Buddhist there is nothing more important than attending teachings and meditating, because without studying one can never understand the dharma (reality), and without meditation one can never gain realisation, become a buddha, a bodhisattva, etc.

So conduct yourself with care, don’t be random or weird, else that will likely bring harm to others, yourself and that which you care about.

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