My Constant Prayer

My constant and most important prayer is that I may be able to ignore myself and my own needs, and to always hold sentient beings at the centre of my heart – to keep others in mind and to forget about myself.

When I’m seized by moments of mindfulness, I recite or bring to mind the awakening mind (bodhichitta) aspiration that we make daily:

Precious mind of awakening,
May it arise in those who are without it.
And never fade from those who hold it.
But continually grow from strength to strength.

This is also the prayer I make when I am in the presence of a special lama or stupa.

The basic meaning of these words is, ‘May I forget about myself but never forget others.’

But, alas, it is so far away from where I am now. So so far. I have no idea how long it will take before I can truly come to think and live like this.

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