Make Big Aspirations But Remain Realistic

I honestly hope and aspire to one day be able to practise the greater vehicle, mahamudra, dzogchen and other secret mantra practices. But in this life, if I am able to have an authentic practice of the lower vehicle I would be absolutely delighted and think I am doing something amazing. Actually, it’s what I feel I must do.

Unfortunately, I am unable to do it at the moment: I cannot uphold totally pure discipline, do not have strong renunciation, nor do I practise the sixteen aspects of the four truths. And if I can’t do the easier path, there’s no way I’m able to practise the greater vehicle or secret mantra.

It’s my view that we should aspire big, with hopes and prayers such as ‘May I benefit all sentient beings’ and ‘May I give rise to mahamudra’, while being realistic about what we are actually able to practise right now.

So, in this life, if I could develop a decent practice of the lower vehicle I’d feel that I had made excellent use of this life and really would be over the moon

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