9th One-Week Meditation Retreat in Hong Kong

hong kong meditation retreat Drupon Rinpoche


From 22nd to 28th June 2019, Drupon Khen Rinpoche led a one week retreat, hosted by Thrangu Hong Kong Vajrayana Buddhist Centre at the YMCA Junk Bay Youth Camp, in Hong Kong. It was the 9th Shamata Meditation Mahamudra retreat, and the dharma centre covered the costs of hiring the venue and the catering, so as to make it free for all the students.

During the retreat, the teaching sessions were solely structured around Rinpoche answering people’s questions. In the meditation sessions Rinpoche posed questions concerning mind and thoughts for the students to look into. The retreat was attended by about 100 people, as well as khenpos and lamas from the dharma centre. The teachings were translated into Chinese by Khenpo Tengye and into Cantonese by Neil Tse.

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